Curating South Asia: Contemporary Politics & Civilisational Challenges

Date: Tuesday – Friday, 6-9 September 2022    Time: 5.00 P.M. – 7.30 P.M.

Please join us for this powerfully thought-provoking lecture by registering here. Spaces are limited, so do RSVP early.

In  “Curating South Asia: Contemporary Politics and Civilisational Challenges,” a set of evening masterclasses accompanying his public lecture on Buddhist visual culture and Asian geopolitics, Prof. Naman Ahuja delves into how museums can be tremendously important brokers of dialogues about decoloniality and identity, through the exhibitions that they stage.

If you have a deep interest in art and history – and particularly if you’re a student or scholar of museology or art history, or a curator – this set of masterclasses may be highly relevant to you.