Enhancing Well-Being, Protecting the Planet: The Personal and Global Planes of Eco-Dharma

Date: Thursday 23 February 2023     Time: 7.30 PM Nepal | 8.45 AM US EST  | 1.45 PM GMT | 3.45 PM CEST

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This open talk with Michael Lobsang Tenpa will center around two dimensions of Dharma as it relates to environmental issues: Buddhism’s ability to support our eco-activism, and the potential for strengthening our wellbeing by finding deeper contact with nature.

Michael will dwell on the very concept of “Eco-Dharma” and then present a variety of ideas that could be used to explore both of these planes of practice, along with some contemplative techniques that anyone could start using in rebuilding the connection with the natural world.

The talk will also include some time for Q&A or, depending on the time, a guided meditation practice.


Michael Lobsang Tenpa is a Tibetan Buddhist translator, meditation instructor, Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) teacher and student of EcoDharma. Born in Siberia, he earned BA and MA degrees in South Asian studies, worked in social media and eventually received ordination in Nepal, spending nine years as a Tibetan Buddhist monastic before switching to the path of a lay teacher/practitioner. In addition to years of Buddhist studies and translator work, he also trained as a secular ethics and mindfulness instructor in the Netherlands, the UK and the US. To learn more, visit https://lobsangtenpa.com

“My passion in this work is helping people find a deep yet accessible level of contemplative practice that comes out of the profound Buddhist methods & helps them establish a meaningful and deeply satisfying lifestyle imbued with a sense of compassionate responsibility.”