Homecoming: The Return of Nepal’s Gods and Goddesses

Sun 8 August 7.00 pm Nepal | 9.15 am US Eastern
Zoom link: http://bit.ly/lumbinimuseum04

The repatriation of Kathmandu’s religious objects has been gathering pace in recent months, with the return of a 800 year-old stone statue of Laxmi Narayan in April this year raising hopes that more sculptures and artifacts will make their way back to Nepal. This has happened thanks to the concerted efforts of journalists, diplomats and heritage activists. But even so this is only half the journey – the returning artifacts raise important questions of who should decide their ultimate fate, and how communities can be brought into the process.

Join art criminologist Erin Thompson, museum director and heritage activist Roshan Mishra and the Lumbini Museum’s executive director Sumnima Udas for Museum in Motion 4 on Sunday 8 August as they debate and discuss these vital issues. 

 Do save the date and join us for this talk!