Our Future Programmes

Pictures on this page: Chandra Pathak

We are currently hard at work dreaming up a palette of family-friendly workshops, walks and events that will immerse you in the world of the Lord Buddha, and provide unique opportunities to create, celebrate and learn.

The programmes below are tentative, but give you a sense of what the interactive experiences that our learning team is designing.

Meditation Workshops

Whether you’re a beginner or a skilled meditator, join expert teachers from different Buddhist traditions in a 45-minute meditation session that runs daily. Each session will include an opening dharma talk, a 20-minute sitting session, and a closing discussion.

Archaeology and Art Adventures

Get a feel for what it’s like to be an archaeologist or art historian. Our experienced facilitators will lead interactive sessions with students and participants, using real and replica objects and artworks.

Celebrate the Festivals of Lumbini

Siddhartha’s world was ultimately not just a Buddhist one. As Buddhism spread in India, it existed and evolved within a Hindu matrix, and Nepal is possibly the only place where you can see Buddhism as it existed in the first millennium of its existence. To honour Nepal’s religious diversity and promote inter-religious understanding, the Museum will highlight the Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim festivals celebrated today by the people of Lumbini and Nepal, including Buddha Jayanti, Dashain and Shivaratri, and help visitors participate in these celebrations in a respectful way.

Wetland Wildlife Walks

You’ll be able to join our resident naturalists and volunteers on a nature walk to Lumbini’s Crane Sanctuary as they point out features of the nature reserve, answer questions, and help your group discover local plants and animals. Our walks will focus on experiential learning, encouraging groups to stop and explore the forests, fields, streams, and ponds of Lumbini’s nature reserves.

Learn about ‘Eco-Dharma’

‘Eco-Dharma Stations’ in our garden area will enrich your experience with discovery and learning. Adult and student volunteers will be present to lead children, families and visitors in hands-on explorations of topics such as: ‘Becoming an Eco-sattva: Buddhist Teachings on Nature’, ‘The Trees & Plants of Buddhism’, ‘Meditating with the Sounds of Nature’ and ‘The Nepali Garden’.

Leave a Green Legacy

Join the Lumbini Development Trust’s Tree-Planting Drive and help them reach their target of planting 5,000 trees each year in Lumbini. Alternatively, give a loved one the gift of a tree in their name or memory.