Our Development

Picture: Rabin Kaji Shakya

A Strong Foundation—Renovating the building infrastructure

Our first task in the development of the Lumbini Museum has been to retrofit the existing Tange building. We’ve completed removing and replacing the existing waterproofing membrane and airconditioning and humidity control units; our construction team is currently in the midst of overhauling the electrical and plumbing systems.

In the months ahead we will also be placing UV treated windows and doors in the main halls and the temporary gallery arcade. While the Tange building is upgraded, we will simulatanelously design and construct an annex which would house an orientation room, cafe, gift shop, toilets and more exhibition spaces. The Lumbini Museum is intended to be a world-class facility that is on par with major international museums in terms of the quality of design, function, physical operation and construction. In all the collections areas, environmental control systems and equipment will be selected to meet international standards for operating at the required temperature, humidity, and air cleanliness standards.

Walk into the Story—Our new galleries

Picture: Image Ark

Conceptualised around the garden-based notion of ‘Ground’, ‘Path’ and ‘Fruition’, the galleries will run the full length of the historic Tange building- here you will walk the major historical and mythological milestones of the Buddha’s early life in Lumbini and Kapilvastu.

Through art, archeology and imagination, the specially curated and commissioned Museum galleries will bring to life the rich heritage of the Buddhist tradition. Our technology driven digital storytelling collection will sweep you into the world of the Buddha’s life, message, and teachings in an evocative, unforgettable way. The modern neuroscience Discovery Gallery will anchor all these back into your life where you experience, explore and ponder the implications of these teachings for your own life and happiness.

Better Together—New spaces for families, schools and learning

New generations need new ways of hearing age old stories to reinvigorate their interest in values such as compassion, wisdom and generosity. The museum’s modern structure and fresh approach will draw in young audiences with participatory spaces as well as digitally integrated, learner centric, experience driven collections, activities and programmes.

With the vision to invite and include new voices and new stories from a new generation of practitioners, explorers and learners, the iconic Tange building will have a new annexe to house the learning spaces, café, gift shop and studio.

Heritage, Reimagined— a world-class museum for Nepal

When our overhaul is completed, The Lumbini Museum will be a truly world-class facility. It will bring to life our vision of a state-of-the-art Museum in Lumbini that sets a new standard for how heritage and art are preserved, presented and promoted in Nepal. It will also become a vibrant new platform for engaging present and future generations in the quest to shape a better world, one inspired by the Buddha’s teachings of compassion, openness and truth.

In addition to our carefully curated galleries and groundbreaking programming, the physical infrastructure will meet global standards for the preservation, restoration and display of the works in our collection. All our collections areas will be fitted with environmental control systems and equipment which meet with international temperature, humidity, and air cleanliness standards.