Our Programming and Collections

Built to inspire and engage, the Lumbini Museum will be a place to explore and reflect upon what the life of the Buddha means for us today. We will do this by creating exhibitions, events, collaborations, research and discussions that connect the wealth of Buddhist teaching to the needs of our times, reminding us of the value of mindfulness, the necessity for compassion, the truth of interbeing and the possibility of peace. Our programming will explore historic as well as contemporary themes. We welcome unexpected collaborations and fresh experiences. We are also partnering with the Lumbini Development Trust and other community organisations to ensure that local communities in the Terai region and other parts of Nepal are involved with our community programmes.
Our collections will consist primarily of existing archaeological artifacts that have been unearthed over the past century in Lumbini and Kapilavastu, antiquities shared with us by national museums and local communities in Nepal, repatriated art as well as new commissions.